Why leather has become a customary third anniversary gift.

Leather is a material that is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever. Giving the gift of a leather duffel, handbag or even a wallet, is the perfect opportunity for a couple to symbolise their desire to continue their journey together.  Not to mention, giving the gift of a beautiful piece of leather luggage for your third anniversary could be the perfect excuse for you both to go on a second honeymoon.

Leather Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Unsure of what anniversary to give him or her for your third wedding anniversary?

Why not give a leather bag, purse or wallet, with your partner’s initials on the outside? Or, instead of initials, what about a secret personal message hidden inside your chosen bag or wallet? Whether it’s your anniversary date, lyrics from your first dance, the coordinates of your home or even an inside-joke; your partner will adore the sentiment.  Just think, every time your partner opens their bag, they will think of you. It can even act as an anniversary reminder for forgetful husbands! 


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