About Bovine Leather





- Bovine refers to all animals in the cattle group, including cow, buffalo and bison.



All skins and leather hides used in our designs are obtained legally, and no animal has been hunted only for its skin. Culling licenses are strictly controlled by government and wildlife organisations.

We source our cow hides from local tanneries here in South Africa and have taken every step to ensure both quality and sustainability in selecting our suppliers. Bovine leather only uses leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry, thus recycling a once wasted material.


All our hides feature natural markings and imperfections as we use natural leather exclusively throughout our range.


Variations in colour and imperfections are to be expected as our leather is an untreated and natural product.



We make use of a variety of leather types in our designs, each carefully selected to suit the needs of each product.

Below are some details on each of our most used and loved leathers:


  • Aniline Effect Leather 

    Buffed and then coated in oil – then burned through an ironing press to achieve a beautiful natural finish. Once in use, the oil disperses into the hide, softening the leather from the inside out. This creates a two-tone colour distress appearance with a soft velvet touch. This class of leather is deservingly one of our top sellers.

    Available in a Matte Black, Tobacco, Chocolate, Toffee, Hazelnut and Sage Green. You will find this leather being used in the majority of our range including our Tote Bags, Makeup Bags , Toiletry Bags and of course our Backpacks.


    •  Aniline Buffed Leather

     The top surface is removed by abrasion to create nap. This creates a leather which is defined by its soft velvet look and touch, despite it being one of our toughest and hardiest hides.


    Available in Espresso, Almond, Fudge and Toast. You will find this beautiful natural leather being used in our wallets, sleek zip wallet and money clips.


    | ABOUT US

    Bovine leather is a proudly South African micro manufacturer of premium leather bags, purses and wallets. We pride ourselves on offering personalised bespoke leather accessories to suit our clients needs. 

    All our leather bags, purses and wallets are expertly stitched in Hermanus, South Africa. Lovingly crafted from 100% natural bovine leather. 

    Our team of leather machinists pride themselves on our personalised laser engraved gifts and accessories, creating ideal gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen and anniversaries. Our personalised leather gifts can be customised to suit your needs, find out more about what we offer here.

    All our leather accessories are eligible for delivery across South Africa.