• Why leather has become a customary third anniversary gift.

    Leather is a material that is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever. Giving an anniversary gift of a leather duffel, handbag or even a wallet, is the perfect opportunity for a couple to symbolise their desire to continue their journey together. not to mention, giving the gift of a beautiful piece of leather luggage or handbag for your third anniversary could be the perfect excuse for you both to go on a second honeymoon.

     Make your leather anniversary gift even more special by adding personalised engraving to your leather handbag or wallet.

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  • All you need to know about "Genuine Leather" 

    What is genuine leather? It is probably one of the most common yet deceiving terms in the otherwise highly-regulated fashion world. Almost any leather piece contains some kind of description; most often “genuine leather”. “Genuine Leather” only means real leather regardless whether it comes from cows, sheep, lamb etc. It is also important to note that “Genuine Leather” does not reveal any information about the animal housing or food quality and the tanning process of the leather. For our product range, we only make use of natural bovine leather, which refers to leather from any animal in the cattle family, including cow, buffalo and bison.

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